“Kung Fury,” a hilarious homage to the action films of the 1980s, now has a mobile game to accompany the film’s official release on YouTube. Just like the film that spawned it, the “Kung Fury” game is free. It's a mobile title that lets players control the title character as he takes on the forces of Hitler in this addictive double-tap game.

According to an article from Pocket Gamer, the title plays like “Five Finger Death Punch,” as players simply have to tap to the left or to the right to attack, while huge waves of enemies continue to attack and grow as waves of them get eliminated. “Kung Fury” was developed by Hello There, maker of the ‘Taekwando Game.”

When the game starts, enemies are simple enough to beat, taking only one hit to die, with the player simply having to worry about his or her attack timing to increase the combo meter, as missed attacks decrease the meter. However, as the game goes on enemies get much tougher, with some being able to avoid Fury’s attack and others able to absorb two or three hits before they are defeated.

The game is a challenge, especially since Kung Fury can take only about three hits before he dies and it's game over, like the arcade machine he beats up in the movie. Thankfully the game doesn’t charge for respawns, despite being a free-to-play title, as the only in-app purchase (IAP) is to remove advertisements.

Anyone who’s seen the “Kung Fury” movie knows that the film is an over-the-top tribute to some of the action movies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Keeping with the theme, Siliconera stated that the “Kung Fury” game was made to look like gamers are playing with a low-fi arcade monitor from that era.

Fans of the film or of mobile brawlers in general will want to check out the “Kung Fury” mobile game, which is free to purchase in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. PC gamers can download the game on Steam for $1.99, as it will automatically be ad-free once it is purchased.

Kung Fury: Street Rage - Release-Trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayMassive)