Russia will equip its military infrastructure on the Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean with an advanced Strelets-Chasovoy security system, the Russian Federal Agency for Special Construction said Friday. The islands, also claimed by Japan, have caused tensions between Moscow and Tokyo.

“The central design group of Spetsstroy of Russia use new technologies, during the design process of the facilities located at the Kuril Islands. Particularly, the newest security system, Strelets-Chasovoy, aimed at provision of servicemen's safety is introduced,” Sputnik news reported, citing a statement from the agency.

Russia is currently planning construction of several military facilities on the Kurils. The agency reportedly said that Russia is likely to build a total of 163 buildings and 94 other constructions on the disputed islands.

In March, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced his country would deploy a range of missile systems on the islands.

Russia has been investing in military infrastructure on the Kuril Islands — which Japan regards as its territory — triggering strained relations between the two countries. The status of the four southernmost islands in the Kuril chain, known in Japan as the Northern Territories, has been a matter of debate over the past few years.

Nearly 19,000 Russians live on the islands which were under Soviet occupation at the end of World War II. Russia and Japan did not sign an official peace accord at the end of the war because of the dispute, which has also affected trade ties between Moscow and Tokyo for decades.