Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of musicians Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, has more or less shied away from displaying her musical talent. Although she shares the genes of two gifted singers, the 23-year-old hasn’t stepped into the spotlight. Until now.

Frances Bean Cobain shared a four-second video on her Instagram account in which she sang Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” while wearing a Flintstones shirt. The video doesn’t show her face.

Watch it below:

Meanwhile, Love expressed her pride in her daughter’s singing ability by reposting the same video on her Instagram account. The former Hole frontwoman captioned the post with, “I know your father is very proud of this as am I baby. I love you to the moon and back #proudmommy.”

Cobain hasn’t stayed completely away from the spotlight. The 23-year-old singer made her debut in 2010 when she appeared on a track called “My Space” by Evelyn Evelyn, The Huffington Post reports. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, her small part was mixed with more than 20 artists saying the same line. Therefore, it was easy to miss Frances Bean Cobain’s voice.

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