The male Jets fan who punched a female Patriots fan during a postgame brawl at MetLife Stadium once served time in prison after stabbing another man, according to a report.

Authorities have identified Kurt Paschke, 38, as the Jets fan who punched a woman in a video that went viral on Monday, the New York Daily News reports.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Paschke, who works as a bartender, was convicted of stabbing 17-year-old Henri Ferrer to death during a fight behind a Sayville, Long Island, pizza parlor. Ferrer’s family was reportedly “furious” when it learned that Paschke was the Jets fan who had punched a female Patriots fan. The family believes that Paschke, who served just three years in prison for the fatal stabbing, was allowed to plea to a lesser charge because his father was a Suffolk County police officer.

“He murdered my son, and he got a minimum sentence for killing a 17-year-old boy,” Ferrer’s father, Robert Ferrer, told the Daily News. “He got away with it because his father is a sergeant.”

During the 1992 incident, Paschke, who had recently graduated high school at the time, stabbed Ferrer four times in the upper body. His lawyers claimed that he only used the knife because he had already been “badly beaten” in the fight.

“I am deeply sorry,” Paschke said before being sentenced for the stabbing. “I can honestly say I never sought the confrontation, but when it came, I did what I had to do.”

Paschke’s family insists that he wasn’t the aggressor in the brawl at MetLife Stadium, despite the video in which he punched a female Patriots fan. “She was the aggressor,” Paschke’s mother, Colleen Paschke, told CBS New York. “She just came out of nowhere and started punching my son.”

Colleen Paschke claims that her son was merely trying to break up a fight, but became a participant when he was attacked. “She punched my son three times to the head, cut his eyebrow,” she added. “You should never hit a girl. I understand that. But you know what? When the girls are out of control, how do you defend yourself?”

Despite the photographic evidence of Paschke’s punch, New Jersey State Police declined to say if the 38-year-old would be charged with a crime. A spokesperson noted that authorities were “aware of the video, and the incident is under investigation.” However, NBC reportedly cited two law enforcement sources who claimed that police would bring up charges by Tuesday.