The wealthy Persian Gulf oil kingdom Kuwait will officially recognize Libyan rebel groups as the legitimate government of that country within days, according to Kuwait’s its foreign minister.

We have already recognized them in a practical sense and officially recognizing them will come in a few days, said Sheikh Mohammad al-Salem al-Sabah, according to Reuters.

Kuwait will become the second Arab state to recognize the Libyan opposition, following Qatar. In Europe, France and Italy have already done so.

Meanwhile, European diplomats and Libyan rebel groups have dismissed overtures to peace by Moammar Gaddafi's acting foreign minister who is reaching out to officials in Greece and Turkey to broker a ceasefire.

Abdulati al-Obeidi has met with Greek Prime Minister Papandreou and Turkish foreign minister Ahmed Davutoglu, but his terms of a resolution have been deemed unacceptable by third parties because they don’t include a provision for Gaddafi to step down from power.

Gaddafi and his sons have to leave before any diplomatic negotiations can take place, said Shamseddin Abdulmelah, a spokesman for Interim Transitional National Council, Libya’s rebel faction.

How can you negotiate at the point of a gun?

Davutoglu has invited Libyan rebel leaders to Turkey for discussions on the heels of Obeidi's trip.