Times are changing for the Kardashian family, but one thing remains the same — their love for one another. After Lamar Odom’s nearly fatal health crisis in October, the former Los Angeles Lakers player re-emerged into the public eye with estranged wife Khloé Kardashian at his side.

In Season 12, episode 2 of E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Khloé is presented with the opportunity to attend Kanye West’s one-of-a-kind fashion presentation in New York City. Kim Kardashian reveals to her sister the details of the massive event before asking if she’d consider bringing Lamar along. Kim shares with viewers that the former NBA player credits much of his recovery to Kanye and his music — namely his most recent album, “The Life of Pablo.” Khloé agrees, but is nervous about introducing Lamar into such chaos.

After taking the time to mull it over, Khloé decides that both she and Lamar will go to New York to support Kanye and his artistic vision. The pair charter a private flight to the Big Apple, arriving after the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian is dealing with drama of her own. While en route to Madison Square Garden, where Kanye’s event is being held, Kourtney learns that Scott Disick — who was invited by Kim against the mother of three’s wishes — has decided at the last minute not to attend.

The Kardashians, joined by Lamar, arrive at the Garden on the morning of the big event to an arena filled with screaming fans. While the women of the family take their seats, Lamar hangs back to walk in with Kanye. The pair enter the arena with fans cheering with excitement. The moment brings the entire family to tears.

After Kanye’s show, the Kardashian family heads out for a night on the town. Lamar gets to sit with Caitlyn Jenner for the first time. Caitlyn acknowledges that a lot has gone on since last they saw Lamar and suggests that they all sit down and chat in the near future. Kris Jenner chimes in with an anecdote about Lamar and Khloé’s relationship, which sends Khloé, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, over the edge. She abruptly exits the meal with Lamar and Kourtney. During the ride back to their hotel they discuss Lamar’s near-death crisis, questioning the ways in which his life has changed since that experience. Lamar says he does not think he was ever “in heaven,” though he did say he encountered several people who died.

While the trio make their way to the hotel, Kim and best friend Jonathan Cheban head out for a meal of their own with other friends. During their sit-down the group discusses Scott, who has been MIA since arriving in New York. Kim reveals that she has attempted to reach him several times but has heard nothing back. Several people at the table claim friends of theirs saw Scott out partying, which suggests he may be back to his old ways.

Despite the drama, a majority of the Kardashian family jets home to Los Angeles together. During the flight Khloé finally shows Lamar the photos of him in the hospital. She shares with viewers that while Lamar was in the hospital doctors claimed he had only four hours to live. Lamar tells Caitlyn and Kris how grateful he is for Khloé, who has been incredibly supportive. This leads to jokes about their marriage, which Khloé does not immediately dismiss. She does, however, demand that she and Lamar end their marriage, calling it “tainted.”

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