Kylie Jenner and Tyga want Blac Chyna to be present and seated in the “front row” at their wedding so that she can learn what “true love” is, Hollywood Life reported Wednesday, citing sources. Reports say the couple is waiting for Jenner to turn 18 before getting married, and have asked permission from Caitlyn Jenner to get hitched.

“They need Blac Chyna to understand that they’re in love and nothing Blac does will ever change that,” the source told Hollywood Life, adding that the couple is “really sorry Blac hasn’t found true love yet.” However, they hope that after seeing the two at the altar, Chyna, who has a son named King Cairo with Tyga, will realize what true love is.

“That’s why they want Blac Chyna at their wedding, in the front row, in hopes that she can witness what true love really is,” the source said.

Chyna has also been belittling Kylie on social media and elsewhere, ever since the "Rack City" rapper and the 17-year-old started dating. The feud between Tyga’s former lady-love and Kylie worsened after Chyna sneaked into Kylie’s home, last week, without her knowledge and dipped her toothbrush in toilet water.

The latest report from Hollywood Life follows rumors circulated this week that the couple is secretly married, after Kylie shared a photo on Instagram with a ring on her finger.

The couple has also faced problems in their relationship as Kylie’s parents Caitlyn and Kris did not want Kylie to get involved in the legal tangles between Tyga and Chyna over the custody of King Cairo. Caitlyn was also reportedly worried that Tyga was manipulating her daughter as there were claims that Tyga cheated on Kylie with transgender model Mia Isabella.