Kylie Jenner updated her brand-new Ferrari, a birthday gift from boyfriend Tyga, and posted a picture of the upgraded car on Instagram. However, a Hollywood Life report said that the 18-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is afraid to drive it.

The upgraded car now boasts custom-made wheels, new rims, and a matte gray paint job. Jenner captioned the picture "mmmmmm hello @forgiato," referring to Forgiato Wheels, which reportedly provided the new red rims.

According to E! Online, wrapping a car could cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000. The Hollywood Life report, meanwhile, said that Jenner is not used to driving a car that can reach 100 miles an hour and is still trying to get comfortable behind the wheel.

“It’s a beast and she’s not use to pushing a muscle car like this,” a source close to Jenner told Hollywood Life, adding: “She already won’t get behind the wheel with heels on. She’s afraid she might mash down too hard on the gas and find herself driving into a building! It’s too much car for her.

“But she wants to show Tyga she can handle this and a whole lot more,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life.

Tyga, who has a son with former girlfriend Blac Chyna, is also reportedly buying Jenner other expensive gifts and finding it tough financially. "Tyga is having a hard time keeping her happy. Yes, he got her a $320,000 Ferrari but it didn’t have all the upgrades she wanted in it so she’s getting work done on it," a source reportedly said, adding: "She looks at luxury clothes and cars and home furnishings online all the time. Kylie could definitely buy herself almost anything she wants but she doesn’t like to spend her own money. She’s used to people buying her things. Now that her parents aren’t doing it anymore it’s up to Tyga.

"Tyga’s music career is not blowing up as much as he would like plus he has Blac Chyna and King to support. Keeping Kylie happy is sending him to the poor house."

The Hollywood Life report also said that Jenner is looking to do a racy photo shoot in the new car to thank her boyfriend. "Tyga’s been nothing but the perfect gentleman toward Kylie and she couldn’t be more grateful or appreciative," the source said, adding: "He’s been sweeping her off her feet at every turn and now she wants to return the favor. She’s planning to do a very racy photo shoot inside the Ferrari he bought her."

Tyga reportedly released a mixtape Monday and one of the songs seems to suggest him getting physical with a very young girl. The song “Stimulated” has lyrics like: "They say she young ... I shoulda waited ... She a big girl, dawg ... When she stimulated," TMZ reported.