Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the case of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit dupes, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is concerned that users might suffer harmful side-effects.

Because of this, Jenner has issued a warning telling her fans not to patronize fake Kylie Cosmetics products.

“I’ve come across this website called It looks exactly like mine, but it’s not. I want to be really, really clear and let you guys know that the only place to get my products is,” Jenner said in a video posted on her social media page. “Everywhere else is fake.”

“Make sure you guys check the URL because these other websites are selling fake product,” she clarified. “It might look exactly like mine, but it’s not mine.”

Jenner even said that one fan who purchased the fake lip kit tweeted to her that the stuff has glue in it. Another fan complained that her lips burned after putting on the fake product, while others complained of swollen lips. Many noticed that while the packaging looks similar, the colors look quite different when applied.

“The ingredients that they’re using in these fake products are really really dangerous, which is my biggest concern,” said Jenner.

As for dupes, Jenner was actually accused earlier of imitating another make-up brand — ColourPop. Even though Jenner loves ColourPop, she said in a video posted on her app that her products are different.

“We have the same manufacturer, along with so many other brands. Just like how those big brands aren't ColourPop is exactly how my brand is,” she said, according to MTV.