Kylie Jenner's been joyriding around in a red 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon since August 2015, when boyfriend Tyga gifted her with it for her 18th birthday. Months later it seems the "Stimulated" rapper, who ran into some financial troubles in September 2015, hasn't been making the payments on the vehicle.

According to TMZ, the car is dangerously close to being repossessed. Documents seen by the publication reportedly state that Tyga's last payment on the car was made in October. A repo company is reportedly looking to obtain the vehicle, listing Kylie's address as a potential place in which the car may be found.

According to a story from E! Online, published Aug. 8, Jenner was seen driving around in the G-Wagon on her birthday weekend. While she blissfully took to the open road in the red and black vehicle rumors swirled about its origins. The car was originally thought to have been Blac Chyna's. Citing TMZ, E! reported that Tyga had taken the car and had it repainted. The license plate, however, was still a match for the one on Blac Chyna's car.

Neither Tyga nor Jenner have commented on the G-Wagon's repossession.