The Cleveland Cavaliers have decided to commit to picking Duke point guard Kyrie Irving first overall in the upcoming draft league, sources told ESPN. 

The team came to the conclusion after gauging from other teams whether or not they could get Irving at their number four slot, thereby drafting Arizona small forward Derrick Williams number one. 

The Cavaliers' dream would have been able to draft the top point guard and the top small forward in the upcoming draft.

Since they won't be able to do that, the Cavaliers are fielding offers from other teams for the number four slot. 

Possible teams rumored to want to trade up include the New York Knicks who may want Jimmer Fredette. The Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns need a big man like Jonas Valanciunas or Enes Kanter who could be available at #4.  The Rockets have all the trade assets in the world with multiple picks this year and next year.

Still, the Cavaliers need to shore up a number of holes in their starting lineup since losing LeBron James last summer and may want to keep the pick. 

James left the Cavaliers last summer for the Miami Heat in the infamous ESPN broadcast dubbed The Decision.  After failing to get an NBA Title this year, James failed again this year losing to the Dallas Mavericks in six games.

Meanwhile, Cleveland finished with the second worst record in the NBA, but actually won the NBA lottery on a pick they received from the Los Angeles Clippers which had only a 2.8% chance of winning. 

Getting the number one pick and staying as low as number four on their pick seemed like a great boon for the team in order to rebuild, but the team may want to rebuild in other ways by trading the pick for more assets.