What Los Angeles comedian Randy Liedtke thought was a sweet joke quickly crumbled in front of him on Wednesday night. 

Liedtke's initial plan was to bake a batch of iPhone-shaped cookies with the hope that cops would mistake the cookie for a real phone and pull him over. The stand-up comedian live tweeted the experience as he drove around with the cookie in his hand. Eventually a cop did pull him over. 

"Just saw a police car going the other way. Gonna turn around and see if I can catch up and drive by it," Liedtke posted on Twitter.

Five minutes later he followed that post with: "OH MAN IM GETTING PULLED OVER STAY TUNED!"

When the officer walked up to the window, the comedian tweeted that he "took a bite out of the cookie" and described the officer as "so confused and angry." The officer told Liedtke to wait in his vehicle and returned to his patrol car.

After running his information, the cop discovered that Liedtke had a warrant from unpaid parking tickets and told him to accompany him to the police station. 

"Making me go with him. Letting me text gf but Im tweeting this," Liedtke said on Twitter. He accompanied post with a photo of a half-eaten iPhone cookie lying on the sidewalk. But following his last post of the night -- that came complete with what appears to be a ticket -- it seems his baker days are behind him. 



"Wasn't worth it. I'm an idiot... No more iPhone Cookies," he tweeted.




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