Mother Nature clearly doesn’t care that millions of Americans across the country want to enjoy a long Labor Day weekend with sunshine, cool breezes and sand between their toes. The nation will celebrate the holiday Monday, but the current weather forecasts for New York and New Jersey could either be a reason to celebrate at the beach or the park or stay indoors and catch up on Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.

On the East Coast, most states and their cities are feeling the full brunt of Hurricane Hermine. Florida was the first to experience the wrath of the storm on its northern Gulf Coast with a reported 70,000 homes losing electrical power at one point.

But it's possible the storm dies down over the weekend and New York and New Jersey residents may still enjoy their extra day off. Here are the latest weather forecasts for New York and New Jersey before Monday's holiday.

New York City

Due to Hurricane Hermine’s most recent predicted path, New York City is presently under a tropical storm warning and it will be in effect until 1 a.m. EDT Saturday, according to the U.S. National Weather Service.

However, even though the warnings show Hermine spending most of the weekend gradually moving up the East Coast, the present forecast calls for mostly, partly or completely sunny skies until 6 p.m. EDT Saturday, according to Saturday’s temperatures are also supposed to rise no higher than 78 degrees.

Sunday morning around 10 a.m. EDT is when the forecast predicts rain will fall over New York, though it won’t last for more than a couple of hours at a time. There will be some rain as the calendar turns to Labor Day on Monday but the rest of the holiday will be mostly cloudy.

New Jersey

According to, Cape May and Atlantic counties could absorb Hermine the most with rain expected to begin late Saturday morning. But it’s also possible the hurricane will die down.

The report also says beachgoers need to be careful of dangerous riptides, while also making sure that small or large objects like trash cans and umbrellas are brought inside to make sure they don’t become dangerous projectiles amidst high winds.

Hurricane Hermine’s Path

As the first hurricane to hit Florida in more than 4,000 days, Hermine will make its way up the East Coast throughout the weekend. On Friday evening it’s expected to move through Georgia and South Carolina before hitting North Carolina and Virginia between Saturday morning and evening.

By Sunday evening the storm could also hit the Delaware and southern New Jersey area and may lose steam by Monday evening, according to