Lady Gaga Defends One Direction After VMAs Boos; What Did She Say? [VIDEO]

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    Lady Gaga on stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the 2013 MTV VMAs.
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One Direction fans are quite pleased with Mother Monster Lady Gaga after she praised the boys when some audience members rudely booed them after they won a Moonman for Song of the Summer. The “Applause” singer was reportedly perturbed with the British boys being booed and made a point to talk to them after the show had ended.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Gaga can be heard giving the boys of 1D some praise:

“Don’t you dare let those people boo you," she said in the video posted by MTV News. "I put that booing in my own show because I wanted to make a comment about that. I want to leave right now. I don’t even want to stay here anymore because I don’t want to be in a room where people will be like that. Because you know what, you deserve a lot.” And then she reiterated once more, “You deserve a lot.”

At the end of her kind words she put herself in between the One Direction guys for a photo op, with one of the boys joking, “I feel a little underdressed.”

It could have been hard for some of them to concentrate on the advice she was giving them considering Gaga was wearing a string bikini and seashells as a top.

It wasn’t exactly an easy night for the guys. Rumors have swirled the Internet that Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend and notorious coquette Taylor Swift appeared to have dropped an F-bomb when he was on stage with the rest of his band members.

Gaga sent out a tweet to the boys on Monday to show her unwavering support. “You know what @onedirection ? Your fans REALLY love you, and it's beautiful to see! Enjoy your Moonman! Love, Seashell Girl *winks* xx.”

Their fans responded to her encouragement on Twitter in typical “Directioner” fashion. Check out their tweets below:



Check the video of Mother Monster talking to the 1D guys:

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