Lady's Gaga fans have gone wild as their phone numbers and email addresses have been made public by hacking group SwagSec.

The Cyber attackers accessed information in the website on Jun.27 but did not make it public, according to The Mirror. After the attack, the group allegedly made death threats to Gaga calling her homophobic. She has previously been accused of using the gay community to sell more records which she called ridiculous.

Think twice before hatin on the gay community because ya fat pasty cracker wonderbread ass gonna end up in the ground wiff em, the group wrote on

Gaga has stayed unusually quiet about the attacks, with her most recent tweet a picture of Howard Stern, saying rockers with long hair have a sweetspot for girls like me. He was a doll.

Gaga's record label Universal has announced that only names and email addresses have been access on the sites and no passwords or financial information were stolen.

We take this very seriously and have put in place additional measures to protect personally identifiable information, Universal said.

The group has targeted Universal artists before, most recently Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber. The group has also threatened to raid the website of the Klaxons.

Following their shout out to Gaga the group of hackers have requested to be mentioned by rapper Lil.B.  Where are the shouts? they asked. All we asking for iz a lil swagsec mention on a track.