Move over meat dress, Lady Gaga’s covering herself up in a new way now. Just because it’s not made of meat, doesn’t mean it’s any less jaw-dropping. For the cover art for her new single “Do What U Want”, Gaga decided to strip down to nothing, but cover herself up with some grass. That’s right, like the front of your lawn grass. The single is set to release of Oct. 21st and in it, she collaborates with mega-star R. Kelly. Gaga tweeted about the song: “I REPEAT R KELLY IS ON ARTPOP. AND HE SOUNDS INCREDIBLE.”

The cover art photo can be viewed on E! News: here.  

ArtPop is Lady Gaga’s thirds studio album set to release on November 8th. The first single of the record, “Applause” has already been a huge success toping the charts as well as providing the theme music for several commercials, including car company Kia’s new ad. Lady Gaga is no stranger to shocking outfits and barely there stage costumes. 


Most notably, Gaga busted out of a giant egg on the Grammys stage during The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on February 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. From there, she doned the infamous meat dress, her own version of a male doppleganger and even posed as an erotic nun during her Monster Ball Tour. 

Lady Gaga recently made her return to the pop scene after having hip surgery that kept her of the stage for quit some time. Now, Mother Monster is back and ready for action. Gaga has recenty taken to Twitter for a Q&A with her mosters answering any questions they may have about her, the new album, and what we can expect to see from her in the future. As amazing as the green grass looks on Lady Gaga, we can certainly expect to see much more from the pop megastar.