Lady Gaga always amuses her fans with her out-of-the-box outfit ideas. At Sunday’s VMA, Gaga shocked her fans when she came on the show dressed in a white T-shirt, black blazer and slacks, smoking a cigarette, and gave an emotional opening speech lasting four minutes.

The pop star shouted at the audience, Hey. My name is Jo Calderone and I was an a-hole. Gaga? Yeah her. Lady Gaga. She left me. She said it always starts out good and then the guys, meaning me, I'm one of the guys, we get crazy. I did. I got crazy, but she's f---ing crazy too, right?

The personified male alter ego soon took to the piano to start performing a a jazzed up version of her hit single You and I before she went back to the stage with a group of male back-up dancers.

Lady Gaga also tried to kiss Britney Spears, who declined saying, “I’ve done that before,” referring to a kiss with Madona on stage at the 2003 VMAs.