Another act has been added to Lady Gaga's jaw-dropping antics.

She is seen removing her bra in the promos of her new music video. Gaga, who is all set to perform at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, has released her upcoming performance with three short promos.

In the show, "MTV first: Lady Gaga", she gave a preview of her upcoming gig to the world. She is seen sitting at a piano, donning black and white shorts performing her new single "You and I". She is even seen removing her bra at one point and covers her modesty with a sheet of music.

In the voice-over she says: "Sometimes I'm really happy when I write music; sometimes I'm really angry, sometimes I'm really drunk, or sometimes I'm super-sober. You never really know why, if or how you write music".

Lady Gaga has been nominated for a series of awards at the VMAs, including "Best Female Video" for "Born This Way", and "Best Art Direction" and "Best Choreography" for "Judas".

She has also been named in the best video with a message category for her "Born This Way" promo, with MTV saying it "promotes a world free from prejudice, judgment and self-doubt".

Lady Gaga will join a host of other celebs who are all set to perform live on the VMAs on Aug 28.

Take a look at the promo of Lady Gaga's new music video.