Lady Gaga has tweeted, Little Monsters Ready?

Wonder what does it mean? Does the 'little monsters' refer to her desire to have a baby?

In an interview to Spain's Radio Ibiza Tuesday, Lady Gaga (25) said, I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian donor. What she meant was the father of the child should be an Italian sperm donor and conception would be through artificial method of inducing pregnancy.

Gaga's father originally comes from Sicily and she is very proud of her Italian roots. May be, that is the reason why the Poker and Face singer wants a baby with the same root.

Wonder what her American boyfriend Taylor Kinney, who was raised in Neffsville, Pennsylvania, has to tell about this. The actor's comments are not available yet.

Watch the new video of Lady Gaga -Born this Way which the singer has posted her Twitter page.