Lady Gaga performed a musical set for Rome's gay rights rally on Saturday. The fashion outward singer donned a short greenish blue wig and a Versace gown.

Gaga said to the crowd, We're all from the same DNA. We were just born this way. I stand here as a woman of the world and I ask governments, with you, worldwide to facilitate our dream of equality.

Let us be revolutionaries of love and use our very strong human powers to save lives and encourage unity around the world.

Gaga, who is a strong advocate for gay rights continued, I am often asked, 'How gay are you, Lady Gaga?' My answer is, 'I am a child of diversity.'

The event drew in an estimated one million people. People screamed 'I love you' and the crowd cheered 'Gaga! Gaga!' as the singer took the stage to perform a softer, piano-led version of Born This Way and The Edge of Glory.