Lady Gaga has a long list of successes to add to her resume: singer, dancer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and now she has one more - columnist.

The pop start tweeted Wednesday morning that she will have a column in V magazine.

I begin next month as a Fashion+Art Columnist for @VMagazine, she wrote on the social networking site.

MTV is reporting that they received an email from the magazine confirming the news.

[Lady Gaga] will be gracing us with the presence of her pen [as] she weighs in on all things fashion throughout her multiverse, the email said.

Her first column will appear in the summer issue of V which will be out on May 12.

Lady Gaga, who is known for being very active with her fans, is getting them involved in this adventure as well.

The magazine will run a contest called Drawn This Way, allowing fans to submit drawings of Lady Gaga. The winner of the contest will run as the author headshot alongside Mother Monster's column. Lady Gaga and the magazine will pick the winners together.

We are asking all artists, creators and little monsters to submit illustrations of our new columnist dressed in her most studios ensemble, the magazine said.

In the same tweet in which she made the big announcement, Lady Gaga also said that she will be resurrecting 'TRANSMISSION GAGAVISION' episodes starting next week!

Transmission Gagavision was the pop star's web series that gave her fans an inside look at her day to day life. ­