To the disappointment of all of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters in Dubai, organizers confirmed to Gulf News Tuesday that the queen of provocative performances will have to censor her concert Sept. 10.

“There will be some edits for Dubai,” said Marco Rios, the chairman and CEO of AMI Live, one of three companies involved with bringing Gaga to the UAE. “It cannot be the full show, because it wouldn’t be allowed. So it’s a special show for Dubai and for the culture,” he told Gulf News.

Fans, dubbed Little Monsters, are understandably heartbroken that their Mother Monster will have to give a Middle Eastern twist to her freak flag. However, many of her loyal Middle Eastern Monsters are just happy that she’s planned a show in Dubai. 

A review of her Fort Lauderdale show said that Gaga addressed her looks twice in the show, saying that "All my wigs and my outfits are such a big part of who I am." Sadly, not in Dubai. While organizers did not mention which parts of the show would be “edited” or altogether removed, we can gander a few guesses.

According to a review of her concert in Atlanta, G-strings and clam shell bras made an appearance in one of her wardrobe changes. We can’t make any promises, but it’s a safe bet to say she’ll need to be at least wearing bikini briefs and a tank top.

Even if she does get to keep the G-string, her on-stage costume change during “Born This Way” that leaves her momentarily topless will have to go. Especially since Madonna was berated by Emiratis in 2012 for “erotic dancing.”

The “ARTPOP Ball Tour” started in Florida this month and is scheduled to hit 74 more venues by the end of the year. In 2012, Gaga had to cancel her appearance in Indonesia, the most Muslim country in the world, because of fear that her provocative performances would cause unrest.