Articles by Alessandria Masi


Alessandria is the Middle East Correspondent for International Business Times. Previously, she was the Middle East North Africa and Underworld reporter at Vocativ.

Her writing has appeared on, amNew York,, Gourmet Live and the Cairo-based website Bikya News. She speaks Italian and French fluently and a sprinkling of Arabic and Spanish. 

Injured woman in Syria

A Ceasefire’s Ongoing Toll

For Syrians who have suffered through more than five years of war, a ceasefire means a lower body count, but not a break from mounting casualties.
Syrian forces in Palmyra

Liberated Palmyra At A Crossroads

Located in an oasis northeast of Damascus, the ancient World Heritage site has become a significant symbolic and military position in the now 5-year-old Syrian conflict.

Crackdown May Have Accelerated The Bombings

The explosions that killed at least 30 and injured hundreds were sophisticated attacks, but it remains to be seen if a recent push by authorities to arrest militants might have sped up the timeline.
Kurdish Fighters, Tishrin Dam, Syria, Dec. 27, 2015

The Kurdish Question In Syria

Syrian Kurdish groups have declared an autonomous state, and the move is likely to be met with more fighting and shifting allegiances.