Trade rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers, their draft, and Lamar Odom are continuing.

CBS Sports has cited league sources as saying that the Lakers are trading Lamar Odom to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the rights to choose Derrick Williams with the Number 2 overall selection.

The report is unclear who else would be traded from the Timberwolves to the Lakers for the salaries to match since Odom is making $8.9 million next season.

The Timberwolves are under the cap, so only one of the many contracts they have in the $4-5 million range should do the trick.

The CBS report does say the Timberwolves would have difficulty trading away a young promising draft pick for the 31-year old Odom.

A separate report by the LA Times says that the Lakers made one offer to the Timberwolves and it was rejected.

One way this might work is if the Lakers were willing to take on a bad contract like Darko Milicic who still has 3 years left on his deal or Martell Webster who still has 2 years left on his.

Among the $4-5 million players that the Lakers would like the most from the Timberwolves would be point guard Luke Ridnour. Ridnour is likely expendable with the arrival of Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn on the roster already.

If that were the case, the Lakers would get a coup, with Derrick Williams perhaps being the most talented player in this year's draft.

Williams, who played for Arizona last year, could step right in at power forward replacing the departing Odom, and make a fierce tandem with Andrew Bynum.

It might be the infusion of talent the Lakers and Kobe Bryant need after the disappointing loss to the champion Dallas Mavericks in this year's NBA playoffs.

Ultimately, this deal will come down to the Timberwolves and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak would have to be very convincing in order to pull off a trade like this.