Houston Rockets radio announcer Craig Ackerman wasn’t going for subtle on Tuesday when he ended Houston’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers by proclaiming L.A. “just pooped their big boy pants.”

The Ackerman call, which you can view above, is an apparent reference to Lakers star Kobe Bryant calling out teammate Pau Gasol over getting benched Sunday in the final minutes of L.A.'s 113-103 loss to the Orlando Magic.

"Put your big-boy pants on," Bryant told Gasol, according to ESPN Los Angeles. "Just adjust. Just adjust. You can't whine about it. You can't complain about it."

Gasol said he didn’t let the benching get under his skin.

"I don't get irritated," Gasol said. "I like to be out there. It's upsetting for me as a player but I won't allow it to irritate me."

The struggling Lakers fell to 8-10 after Tuesday night’s loss to the Rockets, who are 9-8 behind newcomers James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

After the games final seconds, Ackerman made the call that has gone viral on social media.

“The Lakers have just pooped their big boy pants and the Rockets have come from 17 down to win it, 107-105!” the Houston radio announcer beamed.

YouTube user Sage Fox called Ackerman’s call the “greatest walk_ off for a game !”

“perfect!_ excellent commentary!” exclaimed user d3olinsky.

“Radio call from Rockets' announcer might be the call of the year ... maybe decade,” declared KWTX morning anchor Dan Ingham on Twitter.

Sports website Bleacher Report said Ackerman’s colorful language was the “call of the year.”

On his radio show, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd said Ackerman’s call and Olympic announcer Al Michaels’ iconic “do you believe in Miracles?” line from the 1980 games are “two of the greatest radio calls ever.”

Do you think Ackerman’s “the Lakers just pooped their big boy pants” is worthy of such praise? Make sure to watch the video and shoot off your opinion in the comments section below.