With the Heat on the verge of being eliminated from the playoffs, many experts are trying to figure out what Miami can do to win a championship. LeBron James announced that the Heat would form a dynasty when he signed with them in 2010, but Miami is one loss away from not reaching its goal once again.

There was much speculation about what the Lakers might do when they were knocked out of the postseason. Los Angeles lost in the second round for the second straight season. L.A. made it to the NBA Finals the previous three seasons.

Expectations are extremely high for both the Lakers and Heat. If either team does not win a title, the season is considered a failure.

After two straight failures, both teams are looking for ways to improve their title chances.

There have been rumors that the Lakers might trade Pau Gasol. He was sent to the Hornets in December, before David Stern vetoed the trade, so Los Angeles is willing to part with him for the right price.

The Heat haven't looked into trading Dwyane Wade recently, but Brian Windhorst of ESPN told Mike and Mike in the Morning earlier this postseason that Miami could explore the possibility of breaking up the Big 3 if they fail to reach the NBA Finals.

With both the Lakers and Heat looking to shake up their rosters, could L.A. and Miami work out a blockbuster trade? ESPN's Stephen A. Smith seems to think so.

The commentator suggested that the Heat trade Wade and Chris Bosh for Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

Smith says his sources tell him that James is the only person on the team that the Heat won't consider moving. He claims he has no inside information of a deal, but thinks the move would benefit both teams.

The combination of Wade and Bosh for Bryant and Gasol wouldn't be allowed under the rules of the salary cap, but it wouldn't be that difficult to make the trade work. For instance, adding Mike Miller into the deal would allow the teams to complete the trade.

The move would, theoretically, help out both teams. The Lakers would get younger with the trade, without losing much on the court. Wade is three years younger than Bryant and Gasol is three years older than Bosh.

The Heat would get a little older, but would arguably get the better players in the deal. Bryant averaged almost six more points per game than Wade this past season. Gasol is viewed by most as a better all-around player than Bosh.

The biggest issue might be the players' ties to their respective cities.

Bryant is the most popular athlete in Los Angeles, and one of the greatest Lakers of all time. It's hard to imagine them trading him after 16 years with the purple and gold.

Wade hasn't been in Miami for 16 years, but he's also the most popular player in his city. He brought the Heat their first ever championship, and is the face of the franchise.

Smith's idea could work, but might not be realistic. There isn't much precedent for this type of deal, which might be the biggest trade in NBA history.

However, if the two teams disregard their fans' attachment to the players involved, a change of scenery for these stars could be just what the Lakers and Heat need to reach the Promised Land.