Pictures of the new topless Lamborghini Aventador Unica were recently leaked, revealing what may be a stunning car expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Lamborghini has publicly released a teaser-video of what is thought to be the car shown in the leaked photos.

The photos, originally published by, show a Lamborghini Aventador without a roof, columns or windshield. The teaser video from Lamborghini is tagged #Unica, and shows a shadowy car taking mountainside turns at night. According to the company's Youtube page, the new speedster will be revealed on March 6 at 9 am (CET).

The name Unica, which means only in Italian, has led some to speculate only a single vehicle will be sold.

Lamborghini is also expected to release an Aventador Roadster at the Geneva Motor Show. Both the Aventador Roadster and Unica will be based on the current Lamborghini Aventador. The current four-wheel drive Aventador LP 700-4 sports a 700 horsepower, V-12 engine and, according to the company, is capable of a blistering 217 mph and a zero to 60 time of 2.9 seconds. Without a roof, windshield or columns, the purported Unica is expected to shave a substantial amount of weight off of the current Aventador's 3,472 lbs.

The 2012 Aventador sold for $372,000, but there's no telling what the price tag will be on the coming Roadster and the Unica.