On Sunday, CBS's 60 Minutes aired an interview with Lance Armstrong's former teammate, Tyler Hamilton.  In the interview, Hamilton accuses Armstrong of doping, encouraging doping in the team, and covering up a failed drug test.

Armstrong is a seven-time winner of the Tour de France, cancer survivor, and philanthropist.

In response to the interview, Armstrong has released a statement from his laywer, Mark Fabiani accusing 60 Minutes of relying on dubious sources like Hamilton and another former teammate, the disgraced would-be winner of the 2006 Tour de France, Floyd Landis.

In addition, Fabiani states that 60 Minutes ignored Lance's nearly 500 clean tests and the hundreds of former teammates and competitors who would have spoken about his work ethic and talent.

Finally, Fabiani says that CBS has demonstrated serious lack of journalistic fairness and has elevated sensationalism over responsibility.

In the piece, 60 Minutes alleges that friend and former teammate of Armstrong, George Hincapie, told federal investigators that Armstrong doped.

Hincapie has denied ever speaking with 60 Minutes.

CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager has offered to have Armstrong come on 60 Minutes to defend himself