High BPA Exposure Tied To Childhood Obesity

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New York University School of Medicine researcher Leonardo Trasande and his colleagues examined urinary BPA levels in a sample of nearly 3,000 children and adolescents, including 1,047 children scored as overweight and 590 scored as obese.
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Steve Sabol, Co-Creative Force Behind NFL Films, Dies At 69

Steve Sabol, who along with father Ed, revolutionized the promotion of sports with NFL Films, the marketing and filming operation of the National Football League, died Tuesday of cancer at age 69, the National Football League announced.
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Quality-of-life Program May Help Cancer Patients

Patients who attended a combination of physical and talk therapy, relaxation techniques and spiritual discussions reported a stable quality of life during treatment, while cancer patients who didn't get the extra help declined on those measures.
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Jerry Lawler Heart Attack Reminds Fans Of The King's Fake Feud With Comedian Andy Kaufman [VIDEOS]

The news that Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed from a heart attack Monday night scared not only his close friends and family, but the fans that have supported the former wrestler and current WWE commentator throughout his career. To those outside the world of wrestling, Lawler might be best remembered for his friendship with comedian and Hollywood enigma Andy Kaufman in the 1980s, when the two had a very public - and very fake - feud.
Ground Zero

9/11 Health Toll Still Hazy After 11 Years

Between 40,000 and 90,000 emergency workers and volunteers spent time sifting through the remains at Ground Zero, and were exposed to toxic materials that have been blamed for a range of respiratory illnesses and other ailments.


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