Larry, a tabby cat that officially lives at 10 Downing Street in London, was seen mousing about his duties on Monday.

The residence of prime minister David Cameron was getting ready for a visit from Mahmoud Abbas.

And what was Larry doing? Scratching the red carpet, of course.

The sassy feline was brought to 10 Downing Street in February 2011 with the essential task of ridding the house of rats.

It was revealed in December that while Larry is allowed to hang out around, he cannot enter the prime minister's private family rooms.

Poor Larry is being treated like some servant from Downton Abbey, said parliament member Kerry McCarthy, referring to the popular television show, according to a report in The Daily Mirror. It is shocking that after all the publicity he is not even allowed to set paw inside the Prime Minister's flat.

Despite this, Larry seems to get into the spirit of things when the occasion calls for it. He dressed up for the April 2011 Royal Wedding, wearing a garish Union Jack bow.

Here are photos of the meower in action.