Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders is the latest professional athlete to commit a tattoo-related faux pas.

Sanders posted pictures of a pair of his new tattoos to his Instagram account on Sunday. The first tattoo appears to have been drawn without incident—the word “Ask” is prominently displayed is cursive writing on Sanders’ right hand.

However, Sanders’ matching left-hand tattoo didn’t quite turn out the way he planned. Instead of writing the word “Receive,” the NBA star’s tattoo artist misspelled the word by forgetting the classic “I before E except after C” grammatical rule, as Deadspin notes.


Still, Sanders doesn’t appear to be too upset about his misspelled tattoo. The Virginia Commonwealth University product eventually posted a third photo to his Instagram account in which he simply stares at the camera. “Ummmmmmmmm...ain't worried bout nuthin,” the Instagram photo’s caption reads.

Even with his misspelled tattoo, Sanders doesn’t have much to worry about in 2013. Fresh off his 2012-13 NBA season in which he averaged career highs in both points and rebounds, the Bucks star signed four-year, $44 million contract extension in August.

This isn’t the first time that an NBA star decided to post a photo of a misspelled tattoo to Instagram. Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant posted a similar picture to his account last May. The three-time NBA scoring champion had just finished work on a back tattoo consisting of a Bible verse, only to discover that his tattoo artist had misspelled the word “mature.”

Durant’s misspelled tattoo story had a happy ending, though. The Thunder star quickly realized the tattoo artist’s mistake and had the artwork altered. "I got mature spelled the right way lol,” he wrote on Instagram after the incident.