Christmas is just three days away, but there’s still some time left to find the right holiday gift for the technology geek in your life. Just keep one thing in mind: if you’re ordering online be sure to check the store’s policy about guaranteed deliveries before Friday. If you want be certain that you’ll have your gift ready for Christmas, your best bet may be to head to your nearest retail store. Here's a few widely-available gifts for just about any budget:

Google Chromecast $35

As long the person you’re shopping for has an Android or iOS device, they can use the Chromecast streaming gadget to wirelessly stream content from Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, Pandora and more, right from their smartphone, tablet or even Chromebooks, Macs and Windows computers. Just connect it to the HDMI port of a television set, link it up with a Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. And at $35, it makes it easier to bring streaming content to a television set without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for some savings, the Chromecast can also be picked up from Best Buy for $30 either in-store or online.

FitBit Flex $99.99

Fitbit Flex The Fitbit Flex comes in nine different color finishes. Photo: Fitbit

If you’re shopping for someone that likes being active in addition to having a lot of tech gadgets, the FitBit Flex fitness tracker may fit the bill. At $99.99, it’s an affordable way get them to track their steps throughout the day and how well they sleep throughout the night. It’s very minimalistic on the outside with just a few LEDs to check daily activity progress goals at a glance. But that data is all offloaded wirelessly to a compatible iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Mac and Windows computers, so you can track your activity in detail. FitBit claims battery life of five days before it needs to be recharged.

Apple Watch Sport $349-$399

Apple Watch Sport The Apple Watch Sport comes in a variety of size and band options. Photo: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

The Apple fan that’s itching to get a smartwatch doesn’t have to look any farther than the Apple Watch. The first smartwatch from Apple is packed with loads of features, such as fitness tracking, third-party app support, transit directions and integration with iPhone notifications. Not to mention it also doubles as an in-store purchase method via the Apple Pay wireless mobile payment system. While the Apple Watch’s starting price is $349, the aluminum smartwatch can be had for $100 less when purchased via Best Buy. Alternatively Target is also offering the Apple Watch with a $100 Target gift card. Similar discounts also apply to the stainless steel Apple Watch, which starts at $549.

Sphero BB-8 Droid $149.99

Fans that can’t stop talking about the latest “Star Wars” film will love this little tech gadget from Sphero. The BB-8 Sphero is a small ball-sized replica toy of the droid seen in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Once connected to an Android or iOS device, the BB-8 can be remotely controlled. Or if you prefer, you can also let it automatically roam around the house or whatever venue it’s placed in. The BB-8 can be found in stores both online and physical venues, such as the Disney Store, Best Buy, Brookstone and more.

Nest Learning Thermostat $199.99

If the person you’re shopping for is constantly fiddling with the thermostat to get the room temperature just right, get them the Nest Learning Thermostat. After about a week of use, the Nest learns what temperatures its user likes and programs itself accordingly. And when they’re away, it can also turn down the temperature to save energy. Alternatively it can also be remotely managed via tablet or smartphone over Wi-Fi.

Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone $99.99

Aspiring amateur pilots can look to this gadget as a fun way to get started in the world of remote controlled quadcopters. Pair the Rolling Spider with an iOS or Android device and you can control it from the ground at a maximum range about 20 meters. If you’re prone to bumping into things, the attachable wheels can let the drone roll around without causing damage to the propellers and motor. At a weight of 60 grams, they don’t need to register the Parrot with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to fly it outdoors. But you may want to consider extra batteries as it’s only rated for about eight minutes of flight time between charges.

PlayStation Plus Or Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions $17.99-$59.99

If the person you’re shopping for is on their Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One non-stop, consider picking up a subscription to their respective online services. Even if they’re already subscribed to either service, the codes can easily stack for additional months, so they can go longer without needing to shell out more for continued access to multiplayer gameplay and free games every month. If you’re feeling extra generous, pick up a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus for $49.99 or  Xbox Live Gold for $59.99.