Walden Media has rubbed the lamp and picked up Gene, a modern take on the classic genie story from writer Randi Mayem Singer.

While Walden was keeping plot details tucked in the proverbial bottle, the studio said the pitch combines originality, humor, heart and broad appeal that all ages can enjoy.

Singer co-wrote Mrs. Doubtfire and created the 1999 TV series Jack & Jill, starring Amanda Peet. He also penned the upcoming Dwayne Johnson comedy Tooth Fairy and is now working on Big Momma's House 3.

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New Line better think twice about mistreating frequent hires Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley.

The screenwriting pair has just been brought on to work over the screenplay for New Line's absurdist comedy Horrible Bosses. The story line revolves around three friends who decide to whack their abusive superiors in a desperate bid for happiness.

New Line picked up the original screenplay from Michael Markowitz (TV's Becker) in 2005. Daley and Goldstein do a lot of business with New Line. They sold their original script The $40,000 Man to the studio and worked on the in-development magician comedy Burt Wonderstone there.