Lauren Conrad is expanding her namesake collection to encompass eco-friendly cosmetic accessories. And she is doing it all with cotton candy pink hair!

Who said this Laguna Beach alum was just another pretty face?

The blonde beauty debuted a new look to her Twitter fans on Saturday. She tweeted: My cotton candy bun :-) with a photo of her new pink-streaked hair. This is not the first time the 25-year-old mogul has experimented with rainbow colors. In July, she added red and blue streaks to her blonde mane, tweeted: Roses are red, violets are blue. The color of my hair is up to you! Clearly, this California girl knows how to have a little fun. 

Conrad, who has developed a multi-million dollar empire, is now a businesswoman. Gone are her reality show days. She has established a solid fortune and an eclectic resume from books, fashion lines, advice blogs and even a column in Forbes.

Now she is branching into the eco-friendly industry.

The blonde beauty collaborated with BlueAvacado, a female-founded sustainable lifestyle products company, on an environmentally-conscious home, travel and cosmetic accessories line, according to MTV.

Lauren Conrad, otherwise known as LC, said: The BlueAvocado partnership represents a synergy of things I love to do-design great products, enable women to realize their dreams, and inspire thoughtful action.... Once you realize the responsibility we have to improve our environment in our lifetime, you feel compelled to act with urgency. BlueAvocado provides a canvas for me to invite change. 

Conrad will be inviting her 400,000+ Facebook fans to join in on her eco-friendly mission.  

The collection will officially launch in the summer and Conrad will be offering constant updates on her lifestyle blog,