Lauren Conrad may have first been discovered on the beaches of California.

But she has been on a far journey from there.

From books to two fashion lines to a growing website, Conrad has honed herself a net worth of $12 million.

Behind her is Laguna Beach and in front of her is an endless runway.

Conrad had a wildly successful first book about fashion advice entitled Lauren Conrad Style. Now, she is amping up her game to write a second book, Lauren Conrad Beauty.

The book will include beauty tips for staying glamorous 365 days a year.

She is even asking her fans to submit questions.

Leave them in the comments below and I will check out all of your questions and work with my team to answer your beauty conundrums in the pages of my new book! How's that sound? she wrote on her website,

Her first book was about making fashion work for the every day girl.

This book is my way of sharing a few tips about raiding the metaphorical costume trunk for inspiration and pairing it all with wear-everywhere basics, she writes in Style. I hope this inspires you to develop your own sense of style - and to have fun with fashion.

Take a look at how Conrad does California boho-glam.