Lauren Scruggs looks healthy and in good spirits in the first photos that have emerged since her horrific propeller accident last month.

Wearing a blue Dallas Cowboys baseball cap and white eye patch, with her severed hand tucked under her blue sweatshirt sleeve, the pictures obtained by TMZ and ABC's Good Morning America (link below) show the 23-year-old's father Jeff dropping her off at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. She was also photographed leaving the center.

Scruggs has been going under extensive rehab since the Dec. 3 accident, in which she lost her hand and eye when hit by a plane propeller. She was reportedly running back to the pilot to thank him after landing.

In an entry posted on her personal blog Jan. 9, she thanked everyone for their support during this difficult incident in my life

my heart is so grateful beyond what i could ever imagine [sic]. so thank you dearly for the sweet encouragements, the precious words in letters and messages, the beautiful grace in pretty presents, but mostly i am so SO thankful for you and your loving hearts and sweet spirits. i wonderfully know that we are all so adored by the amazing and powerful Lord, and nothing is greater than walking in His planned-out lives. Jesus Christ is imaginably glorious and worthy of all praise even in the hardest moments. love, lo, she wrote.

The photos can be seen here on or here on the GMA website.