Tony Pietrantonio (left) was knocked out in the 31st second of the third round of his heavyweight boxing match with Lavarn Harvell (right) in Atlantic City on April 30. Photographs capturing the moment of impact of Harvell's devastating final blow depict his face jiggling like a bowl of jello under the pressure of his opponent's fist.

Pietrantonio, 34-years old, was knocked onto the canvas floor of the boxing ring by his 32-year old opponent's powerful punch, which was captured with a well-timed photograph that conveys its devastating impact.

The knockout punch was so strong that Pietranonio's face became momentarily distorted. His mouth appears to be twisting off of his face, and his ears are even flapping as they absorb to force of Harvell's blow.

Afterwards, Harvell told the press he could tell he was delivering the knockout blow when it happened.

I felt that punch all the way up my shoulder and back, he said. So I knew he wasn't getting up.

By the time Pietrantonio hit the ground he was out could, causing referee David Fields to call an end to the fight immediately and call for medical assistance. After a few minutes the losing boxer had recovered somewhat and was able to climb on to his stool and eventually leave the ring without assistance.

The punch was Lavarn Harvell's second straight knockout in four weeks. Pietrantonio had won six of his previous 17 fights and agreed to take on Harvell just a few days before the bout took place.