Riot Games, developer of "League of Legends," has announced the newest sale on champions and skins. The sale will begin tomorrow July 23 and run through Friday, July 26. Here's a rundown of the latest pricecuts, starting with champions.

Darius, AD Fighter, 487 RP



Rumble, AP Fighter, 440 RP



Anivia, AP Mage, 395 RP



Our Take: Of the three champions that will be on sale starting tomorrow, we suspect that Darius will be the most popular buy. Let's face it: Darius is pretty easy to play and if he's near a low enemy champion, his ultimate can score him an easy kill. If there are multiple low enemy champions araound him, his ultimate will refresh if he gets a kill, allowing him to reuse it over and over again. Plus his pull can be very valuable in a teamfight or when chasing down a fleeing enemy. Anivia is appealing as well, as she combines destructive nuking ability with slows, stuns and a wall that could decide a teamfight in your favor..if used right.

Here are the skins that will be on sale starting tomorrow:

Wildfire Zyra, AP Mage, 675 RP




Headhunter Rengar, AD Fighter, 487 RP



Commando Jarvan IV, AD Fighter/Tank, 260 RP



Our Take: 675 RP is way too expensive to spend on a skin, plus we're not terribly fond of Wildfire Zyra anyway. She reminds us of the inside of a peach. Commando Jarvan IV on the other hand looks pretty intimidating though. We like shade of green featured in this skin as well as the significantly more reasonable 260 RP pricetag.

What do you think of the latest "League of Legends" champion and skin sale? What will you be buying and why? Which "League of Legends" champions and skins do you want to go on sale and why? Sound off in the comments below.