Leah Remini is happy that her new show, “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” did well during its premiere this week. The actress and controversial ex-member of the Church of Scientology took to social media to say “thank you” to her fans and the people who tuned in and watched the first episode.

On Thursday, Remini posted on Instagram an infographic that proves the successful debut of her A&E miniseries. She accompanied the infographic with a short message to the people who made the success possible. “Thank you. Without your watching, without your support, I couldn’t do a thing,” she wrote.

Remini also slammed her former church in the caption when she stated that her supporters are the reason why “cults” like the Church of Scientology are incapable of doing what they want to do. She ended her message by thanking her fans once again for giving her and the people behind the show “a voice.”

Many of Remini’s fans congratulated her and expressed their support for the “King of Queens” star. One fan wrote: “I’m from the south and did not know about this religion, but what on earth kind of church would tear families apart? … Props to you my friend for being YOU!!! You are saving people lives!!!!” Another commented: “Very brave of you to tell your story and fight back against this church. Sounds more like a cult!!! I will be tuning in next week!!!”

Amid the successful premiere of her new docuseries, Huffington Post learned that the Church of Scientology responded to Remini by launching and operating a website that is strongly against the actress and her show. The website, called Leah Remini: Aftermath — After Money, is reportedly geared at responding to the strong allegations of the 46-year-old Hollywood celebrity.

“Leah Remini has repeatedly disparaged and exploited her former faith for profit and attention through a series of failed publicity stunts, culminating in her reality TV show featuring a cast of admitted liars who to make a buck have been telling differing versions of the same false tales of abuse for years,” a statement on the website reads.

However, Remini has already hit back at the church by daring the latter to file a lawsuit against her. In a recent interview, the actress who left the embattled church in 2013, said: “You know, they’re just sitting there waiting to sue the crap out of me, and I wish they would. Why do I wish they would?Because they would have to be deposed, I’d have to be deposed, so we’ll get some real information out.”

The Tornoto Sun further quoted the actress as saying, “They won’t sue me, because they know that’s true. And they know that these stories are true, or they would have sued the crap out of every single one of us.”