Every four years, those born on leap day, Feb. 29, get to celebrate their real birthday on their real birth date. There are a few famous leap year birthdays out there -- from rapper Ja Rule, to actor Antonio Sabato Jr., to writer Tony Robbins.

Forget Feb. 28 and Mar. 1, leap day babies, also known as leaplings and leapers, today is your day.

With a 1 in 1,461 chance of having a birthday on Feb. 29, it's only natural that there is an Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

According to the Honor Society's Web site, an estimated 4 million people are celebrating birthdays today.

Here are a few famous leap day babies to celebrate today. Happy Leap Day 2012!

Ja Rule (Leap Day Age: 9; Real Age: 36) Even though Ja Rule is spending his leap day birthday in jail for a sentence related to tax evasion and gun possession, the rapper will apparently enjoy quite the birthday meal.

TMZ reports that Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffery Atkins, will get to dine on corn flakes, Jamaican patties and turkey stew for breakfast, lunch and dinner, respectively.

Ja Rule's team has been updating the rapper's official Twitter account with birthday posts, along with the hashtag #HappyBdayJaRule.

Antonio Sabato Jr. (Leap Day Age: 10; Real Age: 40) One of the most famous underwear models to ever grace magazine covers and billboards is celebrating the big 4-0 today. The father of three has been in and out of the spotlight in recent years. His latest projects have included one episode of Hot in Cleveland, playing Palo the gay best friend, and Celebrity Wife Swap.

Tony Robbins (Leap Day Age: 13; Real Age: 52) Writer, self-help motivational speaker and occasional actor (cameos really), Tony Robbins is still in top shape these days. His latest gig? Oprah's Next Chapter on OWN, where he shares his secrets on pre-speaking rituals that involve spins, fist pumps and trampoline exercises.

Simon Gagne (Leap Day Age: 8; Real Age: 32) Famous in the professional hockey world, Los Angeles King left wing Simon Gagne has scored 7 goals and given 10 assists in the 2011-12 season so far. The Kings aren't doing so well as of late, placing fourth in the Pacific Division and two behind No. 9 Dallas Stars for a playoff spot. (There's still time, Kings fans, there's still time).

Saul Williams (Leap Day Age: 10; Real Age: 40) Saul Williams has a lot of titles: poet, writer, actor, musician, and of course, leap day baby. Last May, the New York Native released his fourth studio album, Volcanic Sunlight.

Dennis Farina (Leap Day Age: 17; Real Age: 68) Forget Law & Order (all hail Det. Joe Fontana), Dennis Farina is all about Luck these days. The HBO series, which premiered in December, is already gearing up for a second season.

Billy Turner (Leap Day Age: 18; Real Age: 72) The great Billy Turner is a rare gem. As the world's only living Triple Crown winning trainer, the Rochester, New York native celebrates 72 years today. Along with his wife Pat, Turner runs William H. Turner Racing, which includes partnerships for training and breeding race horses.

Have we forgotten any famous leap day birthdays? Share your thoughts below.