A shooting outside a Brookfield, Wis., mall has left at least seven people with gunshot wound, but no fatalities have been reported.

According to initial reports, a gunman with “a high-powered weapon” opened fire at the Azana Salon across the street from Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield. Currently, there are several ambulances and helicopters belonging to both police and news crews on the scene.

The gunman opened fire sometime around noon EDT, and at least seven people have been rushed to a nearby hospital, four with non-life threatening injuries. The salon was reportedly very crowded, and there is no word on what is happening inside.

As of press time, local police are considering the scene “an active tactical investigation” according to Wisconsin’s WISN news. The shooter has not yet been detained, and police believe he may be at large.

According to Newsradio WTMJ, the shooter is a 6'1", 270 lb. African-American man with a bald head and brown eyes. He was reportedly driving a black 2003 Mazda. Authorities believe he may be from Brown Deer.

Hostage negotiators from the FBI are reportedly on-site, though no one has confirmed whether or not the shooter has taken any hostages.

The Brookfield Square Mall is reportedly very crowded at this time of day, and patrons inside the mall are being told not to leave the building. A nearby country club is also on lockdown, though no danger has been reported in these locations. Interstate exits leading to the Brookfield mall and its surrounding areas have also been shut down.

Wisconsin’s WISN.com is offering a live stream of its coverage of the shooting.

Brookfield resident Christopher Pfeiffer, 47, said he was pulling into a nearby Barnes & Noble when he saw a young girl running away from the scene screaming.

"She was screaming, yelling, crying hysterical,” Pfeiffer said, according to Buzzfeed. “She was pleading for help. She kept saying, 'My mother was shot.' And she mentioned that there was a gunman. She ran into the bookstore and I followed her. But I watched her from afar."

Brookfield is only 30 miles away from Oak Creek, Wis., the site of another shooting, at a Sikh church, two months ago.