LeBron James, the star of the Miami Heat, is making an effort to star in his own movie.

Yes, you read that right, LeBron James as an actor, as if he doesn't play one already as a basketball player.

James' comedy movie (yes, comedy) is entitled Ballers and has been in development several years now.  The movie will feature LeBron James and five guys at a basketball camp in Las Vegas.

It's sure to be a blockbuster we will all want to see.  

However, Ballers is reportedly being delayed for at least another year. 

Executive Producer Michael Rosenberg told Variety that the Heat's loss to the Dallas Mavericks has forced the script to go back into development.


James is presumably following the lifetime aspirations of championship basketball players like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal who starred in such critically acclaimed movies like Space Jam and Kazaam.

Unfortunately for James, just like he failed to win a championship, his effort to make a movie is failing as well. 

Dear LeBron James fans, we call that a double fail.