Miami Heat star LeBron James infamously left the Cleveland Cavaliers organization last year in a televised announcement dubbed The Decision and took his talents to South Beach as James put it. 

In leaving the organization that drafted him, James showed that he would not work hard building a championship team as Michael Jordan did to build six-time champion with the Chicago Bulls.

Instead, LeBron James showed he was more like Charles Barkley, the flamboyant TNT broadcaster, who as an NBA player, demanded a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers team that drafted him.

After being traded to the Phoenix Suns, and failing again to break through in the playoffs, Barkley decided he had enough with the Suns also and publically complained about wanting to play with a contender before he retired. 

Barkley got his wish and was traded to the Houston Rockets and joined Hakeem Olajuwon, who had won two championships during Jordan's brief retirement to baseball.

As a Houston Rocket, Barkley failed again to win an NBA title and became known as one of the best players in the NBA never to win a championship in his career.

Like Barkley, LeBron James joined the Heat in order to win a title.  Forming The Big Three with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, his clearly stated goal was to win multiple championships.

However, James was thwarted in his plans by the Dallas Mavericks who were able to contain James throughout the series, in particular, in crunch time when it counted the most.

James scored only 11 points for the fourth quarters of the first five games combined.

Facing elimination in Game 6, James did not do much better, scoring only seven points in the fourth quarter.  In addition, James was perhaps the sole reason why the Heat lost the game with his -24 +/- for the game, by far the worst player, which meant the Heat were scoring more when he was out of the game.

After the series loss, James lashed out at critics in his 'get a life' press conference and told critics they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today

James half-heartedly backtracked on those comments, but the comments showed that James was deeply affected by the loss.

James, Wade, and Bosh will no doubt try again next year.  But what if the Heat fail to win a title again?  What if Wade or Bosh ever get injured?

After Barkley failed as a winner with the Suns, he pouted and was traded to the Rockets. 

Like Barkley, James showed what he is capable of when he left the Cavaliers in The Decision. 

Will he quit on the Miami Heat too?