“Zelda” fans, rejoice. Netflix is turning “The Legend of Zelda,” one of the best-selling video game series of all time, into a television show, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an anonymous Netflix source who described the future series as a “Game of Thrones” for a family audience.

Netflix is reportedly in the early stages of producing the live-action series and is still seeking writers. The video streaming service is working closely with Nintendo, the Japanese game developer that has created dozens of “Zelda” games since 1987, according to the Journal.

Nintendo has previously allowed few adaptations of “The Legend of Zelda,” a fantasy story about a boy named Link who must rescue Princess Zelda and save the kingdom of Hyrule. Comics series of the “Zelda” video games have been published -- particularly in Japan -- under license from Nintendo. A 13-episode animated series called “Legend of Zelda” ran for just one season in 1989. 

Netflix and Nintendo have yet to officially announce the “Zelda” live action series, which means the show may not even make it to TV. However, Netflix said Monday that it’s raising $1.5 billion for “general corporate purposes,” which may include new content. In other words, some of the funds could go toward its rumored project based on “The Legend of Zelda” franchise, which has sold over 52 million copies worldwide.