Dan Stevens has nothing but good words for his “Legion” co-star Aubrey Plaza.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Stevens — who plays David Haller on the FX series — gushed about Plaza when asked about their great rapport and collaboration on the show.

“She’s brilliant. And I hope that eventually that all of America does become Aubrey Plaza's friend, because it would be a better place,” Stevens said with a laugh. “Her character [Lenny] really represents something quite mischievously dark within the story, and also, I like the idea that [in] David’s mind, she occupies [the place of a] friend that you always wish you had, who’s kind of weird and funny and makes you do dumb things, and is just good to have around. … That relationship definitely goes through a mutation as the season goes on, but that to me seemed like a very natural fit for the way that we were working, anyway.”

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In addition to Plaza being an amazing acting partner, Stevens also finds her humorous. “She is hilarious, and I do find her really funny,” the British actor said of the “Parks and Recreation” alum. “[In fact,] there were moments where it was as much me laughing as David laughing. But that was totally fine, because it was real.”

Meanwhile, Plaza is also impressed by Stevens’ performance on the show. “He’s really up for diving off the deep end with his [acting] partner,” Plaza told The Hollywood Reporter of the “Beauty and the Beast” leading man. “For me [as an actress], that’s always what I’m looking for. I think we recognized that in each other early on.”

Plaza added that the relationship she and Stevens have developed off-screen helped them in playing their roles better.

“We worked really hard. We rehearsed a lot. We would live as those characters in a way together,” the actress shared. “We were all up in Vancouver, dealing with these insane and confusing scripts where we didn't know what was happening half of the time. We only had each other to lean on and I think in a way that energy and confusing, trippy ride we were on, it was all kind of helpful because we were able to use it and make choices we otherwise wouldn’t have made.”

In next week’s Season 1, episode 7 of “Legion,” Syd (Rachel Keller), Cary (Bill Irwin) and Oliver (Jemaine Clement) will try to rescue David and the rest of Team Summerland from the mental projection that Lenny, a.k.a. the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, trapped them in.

“Legion” Season 1, episode 7 airs on Wednesday, March 22 at 10 p.m. EST on FX.