First Google had the Do a Barrel Roll Easter Egg, then it introduced  a Let it Snow feature, and now it seems the holiday cheer has spread to the link-shortening website.

A Grinchly-green man with a red Santa hat next to a sign reading Let it Snow appears at the top-right corner of the screen when Web users access Bitly.

After clicking on the icon, the browser window is slowly inundated by a light dusting of winter snow, which continues until the Stop Snowing icon is clicked.

The falling snow is in addition to the snowy background which already decks the halls of Bitly for Twitter users looking to shorten their links.

The Easter egg comes on the heels of Google's popular Let it Snow feature.

To activate the Google iteration of what is slowly becoming a meme, simply go to and type Let it Snow into the search box. Press enter and the snow starts falling before your eyes.