Leyla Ghobadi, the model who claimed she had an affair with rapper Kanye West, could be lying -- at least that’s what a psychiatrist told Hollywood Life.

The Canadian Ghobadi told Star magazine the hip-hop mogul handpicked her to come back to his hotel room last year after a July 6 concert, when, according to her story, he said his relationship with Kim Kardashian was only for publicity and went on have sex with her.

Dr. Carole Lieberman told Hollywood Life the 20-something brunette beauty may have figured that because some people believe she looks like the 32-year-old Kardashian, the claim might be more believable. “People have probably told her that she looks like Kim Kardashian, so she may have planned the whole thing -- dancing in the front row of Kanye’s concert, hoping that he would spot her and cheat with her so it would make headlines.”

Or Ghobadi could be trying to get some attention by accusing the 36-year-old of being dishonest, Lieberman said: “Leyla could be making this story up to get her 15 minutes of fame. After all, she was pretty much an unknown in the U.S. before her cheating-scandal claims, and she could be hoping this will help her modeling career.”

Ghobadi also reportedly created a Twitter account after her story was publicized. According to the Global Grind, she tweeted: “Maybe I went about this the wrong way but how else am i meant to get thru to her? I am NOT the bad guy in this situation. nothing more 2 say.” And she wrote, “The woman will always get the blame for everything huh.” The reported account has apparently been removed.

Whether or not Ghobadi is lying about sleeping with West, Lieberman said she thinks the only reason the rapper has stayed with Kardashian this long is because they have been having a child together. “Kanye may have been telling Leyla that his relationship with Kim is fake in order to get Leyla to sleep with him. But there is also at least a grain of truth in it. He loved the extra attention that being in a relationship with Kim provided. But if Kim hadn’t gotten pregnant, Kanye probably would be long gone by now.”

On Saturday, Kardashian gave birth to their child, a baby girl. The couple hasn’t yet released the name of their daughter.