LG will launch it flagship smartphone on the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday. Here is how to follow all the action unfolding and what to expect from the South Korean company.

LG will take to the stage in Barcelona hours before its compatriot Samsung unveils its Galaxy S7 smartphones and at the same time as Huawei is expected to launch its news devices. LG has already confirmed it will launch the G5 smartphone at Mobile World Congress and has given us a lot of clues about what to expect.

What Time is the LG G5 Launch Kicking Off?

LG will kick off the major smartphone launches at this year’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona on Sunday at the Sant Jordi Club in the city. Here are the local times the press conference will begin:

  • San Francisco – 3am
  • New York – 8am
  • Rio de Janeiro – 9am
  • London – 1pm
  • Barcelona - 2pm
  • Amsterdam – 2pm
  • Johannesburg – 3pm
  • Moscow – 4pm
  • Abu Dhabi – 5pm
  • New Delhi – 6.30pm
  • Beijing – 9pm
  • Hong Kong – 9pm
  • Seoul – 10pm
  • Tokyo – 10pm
  • Sydney – midnight (Monday)

How Can I Watch the LG G5 Launch Online?

LG will livestream the event on YouTube though the link is not expected to go live until shortly before the event. Unlike Samsung, LG is not expected to make the event available to watch in virtual reality.

What to Expect? 

LG has made it very clear that it will unveil its latest smartphone on Sunday in Barcelona, with the G5 expected to have a large 5.6-inch screen with a super high 4K resolution, the latest Snapdragon 820 chip from Qualcomm, dual cameras, a hear rate sensor and potentially even an iris scanner.

Of more interest however is what is being called the Magic Slot on the bottom of the phone which will allow users to add an array of accessories to the G5. LG has already confirmed it is working with high-end sound experts Bang & Olufsen and according to a report from Venturebeat this will result in a new digital audio chip (DAC) module for improved audio. There is also expected to be a camera grip module as well and a leaked image has revealed that users will be able to replace the battery using this system. 

LG is also expected to show off a range of accessories including a VR headset and 360 degree spherical camera. The headset is not expected to offer a true VR experience as is the case with the Gear VR, Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR, but will allow users to view 360 degree images and support YouTube 360. LG is also expected to unveil a camera-and-speaker-equipped, smartphone-controlled “drone” called the Rolling Bot.