AT&T has started taking preorders of the LG G5  via the online and physical stores in the U.S. This device will hit the store shelves on April 1.

Speaking of price, the LG G5 will set the buyers back by $22.97 per month spanning over 30 months for well qualified buyers under AT&T’s Next 24 plan. To top it off, AT&T is also extending a Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) offer for those planning to purchase the G5.

The full retail price of this device is $688.99 and it is available in Silver, Titan, Gold and Pink hues under AT&T. However, if readers would like to purchase just one LG G5 unit, LG will apparently give an additional battery unit and a charging cradle free of cost.

With the BOGO deal, buyers have to purchase two phones and get the price of one of the handsets reimbursed later. However, both the handsets should be purchased using AT&T Next. The first G5 can be purchased under a new line or an update. However, the second unit, which is also the free unit, should be bought with a new line using AT&T Next 24.

After which, the purchased phones should be tied to a qualified data plan like Mobile Share Value. Following three bill cycles or less, AT&T will apparently add bill credits for the amount of $689 spanning over 30 months.

To top it off, upon purchasing the LG G5 on AT&T Next plan, interested buyers can purchase the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE for $99.99 under a two-year contract. It is worth noting that, the Urbane 2nd Edition is the only Android Wear device that works with AT&T's NumberSync.

NumberSync apparently lets the device owner to use the "primary AT&T mobile number" to make and receive calls/texts via LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. This feature reportedly works even if the device is outside the Bluetooth range.