Joining the tablet fray at this year's Mobile World Congress is LG, which showed off its Optimus Pad. Like its smartphone counterpart, the Optimus 3D, the Optimus Pad is also capable of 3D visuals. As with its line of 3D televisions, however, LG must prove to consumers not only that 3D is the future, but that LG will execute the technology best. 

What it competes with: The Optimus Pad joins the likes of the formidable Motorola Xoom, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, and, of course Apple's iPad. 

The Basics: Running on a dual-core Nvida chip, the 8.9-inch Optimus pad features a high-definition display as well as pair 3D cameras. 

The Operating system: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). 

Why It Matters:  Entering into a strongly competitive tablet market,  the Optimus Pad will be one of the first tablets running Android 3.0, which Google optimized for tablet computers. 

What else?: Like the Optimus 3D smartphone, the Optimus Pad also features a 3D display. Unlike the Optimus 3D, however, using the Optimus Pad's 3D capabilities requires a pair of 3D glasses. The device functions just as well without the 3D capabilities, however. 

Release: March 2011

Price: A safe estimate? At least $700.

Will it succeed?: Besides acting as an alternative to the iPad, the Optimus Pad's appeal might end up resting on both its size and operating system.